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Township Committee Meeting

September 16 @ 7:00 pm



SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

Actual meeting may contain discussion of items not mentioned on the Agenda and alternatively any item specifically listed may be omitted.


“Sunshine Law” Announcement-

As required by the Open Public Meetings Act of 1975, adequate notice of this meeting was provided on January 14, 2021 by publication of notice in the Express Times and posting of said notice in the Municipal Building on the same date.


Roll Call


Flag Salute

1.         Approval of Meeting Minutes

·         Regular Meeting –August 19, 2021

·         Special Joint Meeting with Land Use Board – August 19, 2021

2.         Treasurer’s Report – September Bill Lists

3.         Tax Collector’s Tax & Sewer Reports – August 2021


4.         Consent Agenda


4A.      Police Department Report – August 2021

4B.      Department of Public Works Report – August 2021

4C.      Township Clerk’s Report – August 2021

4D.      ACO Report – Nothing to report

4E.       Court Reports – No report


5.         Committee Reports


6.         Professionals Reports


7.         Old Business


7A.      Township Owned Property

7B.      Community Day – Update

7C.      Municipal Basketball Court – Update

7D.      Zoning Enforcement Follow Up – Building Graffiti, Recurrence of Snipe Signs;

Donation Drop Box – Litter; Overnight parking – Tractor Trailers

7E.       Road Truck Restriction Signage – Response letter from WC Engineers to the Township Clerk dated September 8, 2021

7F.       Farm Lease Contracts – Crop Dusting Follow Up

7G.      Recreation Committee By-Laws



8.         New Business


8A.      SECOND READING – ORDINANCE #107-2021 – Bond Ordinance Providing an Appropriation of $50,000 for Acquisition of Sport Utility Vehicle

8B.      SECOND READING – ORDINANCE #108-2021 – Salary Ordinance – Administrator

8C.      Proclamation – Greenwich Township Emergency Squad

8D.      RESOLUTION # 56-21 – Refund of Tax Overpayment

8E.       RESOLUTION # 57-21 – Veteran Exemption Refund of Tax Overpayment
8F.       RESOLUTION # 58-21 – Off Premise Draw Raffle Greenwich Township Booster Club

8G.      RESOLUTION # 59-21 – Authorization for Lee Farm Agricultural Lease

8H.      Appointment of Temporary Land Use Board Secretary

8I.        Trick or Treat

8J.        Prime Point Payroll Services

8K.      Solicitor Permits – Green Power Energy

8L.       Application for Membership for NJ Firemen’s Association – Shamus Fellner

8M.      Thomas Stewart Park Restrooms – Timed Door Locks

8N.      Job Descriptions – Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer & Land Use Board Secretary


9.         Correspondence


10.       Public Comment


11.       Executive Session


12.       Adjournment


September 16
7:00 pm
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