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Township Committee Meeting

12/16/2021 @ 7:00 pm



DECEMBER 16, 2021


Actual meeting may contain discussion of items not mentioned on the Agenda and alternatively any item specifically listed may be omitted.


“Sunshine Law” Announcement-

As required by the Open Public Meetings Act of 1975, adequate notice of this meeting was provided on January 14, 2021 by publication of notice in the Express Times and posting of said notice in the Municipal Building on the same date.


Roll Call


Flag Salute


Presentation of Award to Girl Scout Troop 95149 ?

  1. Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes – November 18, 2021
  2. Treasurer’s Report – December Bill Lists
  3. Tax Collector’s Tax & Sewer Reports – November 2021


  1. Consent Agenda


4A.      Police Department Report – November 2021

4B.      Department of Public Works Report – November 2021

4C.      Township Clerk’s Report – November 2021

4D.      ACO Report – November 2021

4E.       Court Reports – November 2021


  1. Committee Reports


  1. Professionals Reports


  1. Old Business


7A.      Zoning Enforcement Follow Up – Property Maintenance, Building Graffiti

7B.      Recreation Committee By-Laws

7C.      Lee Farm Update

7D.      Thomas Stewart Park Restrooms – Timed Door Locks – update


  1. New Business


8A.      RESOLUTION # 66-21 – Refund of Developer’s Escrow – Quva

8B.      RESOLUTION # 67-21 – Redemption Resolution

8C.      RESOLUTION # 68-21 – Budget Transfer #2

8D.      SECOND READING – ORDINANCE #114-2021 – Prohibiting Memorials in Parks



8E.       Tax Sale Update

8F.       DPW Seasonal Part-Time – New Hires:     Anthony Doran Jr. CDL Operator, Christopher Chioffe, CDL Operator & Shamus Fellner, Non-CDL Operator

8G.      Fire Company New members:    Susanne Henshaw, Auxiliary, Steven Schmidt, Junior Firefighter & Michael Ferroni, Firefighter

8H.      Acceptance of Resignation – Zoning Officer

8I.        Transfer of Ambulance Title to Rescue Squad

8J.        Solicitor Permit Renewal – MJ Hoffman – SunRun

8K.      Thomas Stewart Park – Planting Plan

8L.       Municipal Basketball Court – Painting & Cameras

8M.      2022 Fund Year Assessment – Public Alliance Insurance Coverage Fund

8N.      Warehousing Discussion

  • Proposed Ordinance – Requiring Certain Businesses to Provide Security
  • Proposed Ordinance – Requiring Business to Post “No Overnight Parking” Signs on Premises
  • Proposed Ordinance – Requiring Businesses to Barricade Their Parking Lots to Prevent Unlawful Use
  • Proposed Ordinance – Amendment to Greenwich Township Code – Section 7-4.2 Entitled Overnight Parking Regulations for Commercial Vehicles
  • Speed Humps – Main Street


  1. Correspondence
  • Letter from W.C Board of Commissioners – 12/13/21 – Prohibit Parking on Certain County Properties in GT
  • Letter from W.C. Office of Engineering – 12/9/21 – Removal of School Bus Stop Sign
  • Letter from Katherine Coffey dated 12/1/211 regarding Letterf of disapproval from the W.C. Planning Department for Greenwich Dumont Urban Renewal Application – Request that the Township take ownership of the sewer force main.
  • Space Farms Deer Carcass Removal Quote


  1. Public Comment


  1. Executive Session


Contracts – Bond

Personnel – Shared Service Agreement

Litigation – LMR


  1. Adjournment


7:00 pm
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